How to Maximize your Merch Sales as an MMA Fighter

How to Maximize your Merch Sales as an MMA Fighter

As a professional or amateur MMA fighter, it’s no secret that along with doing everything you can to get ready for your next fight, you’re also thinking of ways to make money outside of selling tickets.

If you’re like most fighters, you’ve provably sold your own merch out of a cardboard box to your fans and supporters. In theory, this sounds like a great idea, right? You've put in the work at the gym, and now it's time to showcase what you've been working on– Who wouldn’t want to support you in this?

The good thing about selling your own merchandise is that you can sell it to anyone in the world as opposed to your fight tickets that can only really be sold to the people who are close enough to drive to the fight. 

 Okay, so you’re ready to start selling merch for your upcoming fight, what’s first? What’s next? Well, there’s a few different ways to answer these questions – It just depends on how much time you have, how organized you are and how much apparel you think you’ll sell – All while staying on top of your training, after all, that’s the most important thing.

 We’ve broken down the three main ways to sell fight merch before your event and included the benefits for each.

Create an Online Store for your Apparel

 This is the most convenient way to sell your apparel online without collecting payment, getting addresses for customers, or fronting any cash. Your fight tee will sell online, print, and ship as it is ordered by fans. You set the price on YOUR merch and collect all money that isn’t the cost of the apparel. Once your fight is over, you get your money instantly. This method is simple, clean and requires minimal effort.


Take Merch Orders through an Online Store, and have all the Shirts Delivered to you OR your Customers

If you’ve been fighting for a while, you’ve most likely done some version of this already. You take orders in person and on social media and keep names, sizes and other details on a spreadsheet, in a notebook or in your phone. Once you hit your cutoff date, you order the shirts with the money you’ve collected from cash, checks, paypal, venmo, etc. and pay for your wholesale order of tees. You distribute the product at the gym, through friends and scheduled drop offs – You might love this method, you might hate it.

We’re here to make this process just a little bit easier.  MMA Tee Co will setup a checkout for you on your fighter page – Once you’re ready to cutoff sales, we’ll print your shirts and delivery your apparel to you OR ship the orders directly to your fans. *Profits from the merch comes back to YOU.

** This method will be used when a fight is announced, with a 4-6 week fight shirt pre-sale, fighter commission will be at an all time high.


Simple Wholesale Order

Sometimes you just know exactly what you need, and when you need it. If you’d like to make a bulk order of apparel to sell on your own before, during and after your event, we’ll get you the best price, and an endless product catalog to choose from.

If you'd like to make a wholesale order - MMA Tee Company is here as your full service customer support and fulfillment center. You buy the apparel at a bulk discount, can choose to sell through our site and we print, label, bag and ship the orders straight to your customers. The profits from the merch all belong to YOU.

Here at MMA Tee Company, we will work directly with some of the best amateur  and professional MMA fighters in the country. By allowing fighters to create their own stores it gives you, the fans, the opportunity to own merch you have seen at fights, events and even never before. Profits go directly to the fighters and gyms to support what they do and what you love.