MMA Tee Company - Growing our sport, one fighter at a time

MMA Tee Company - Growing our sport, one fighter at a time

MMA Tee Company - Growing our sport, one fighter at a time

On a mission to foster the growth of MMA at the grassroots level, MMA Tee Co is dedicated to making a significant impact on the sport we are so passionate about.

"We've been refining this idea for a few years," notes John Brennan, co-founder of MMA Tee Co and a seasoned MMA athlete.

"Traditionally, local fighters would sell their pre-fight gear out of cardboard boxes or not at all. We aim to revolutionize that approach."

MMA Tee Co is committed to assisting both amateur and professional fighters in designing and selling their pre-fight gear directly to fans through a dedicated website focused on expanding the reach of MMA.

Not just limited to fighters, MMA gyms also have the opportunity to collaborate with MMA Tee Co for personalized apparel that can be featured on the website or purchased in bulk at wholesale rates.

"John and I have been close friends for a long time, and with every bout he's taken on, we've been designing and selling his fight merchandise online to hundreds of fans. We always knew that eventually, we would take this to a much larger scale," says Alex Einhorn, co-founder of MMA Tee co and an expert in the apparel industry.

Here at MMA Tee Co, we directly engage with some of the most talented amateur and professional MMA fighters across the country.

By enabling fighters to establish their own online stores, we provide you, the fans, with the chance to own merchandise that you've witnessed at fights, events, and even exclusive items.

Profits from these sales go directly to supporting the fighters and gyms, contributing to the sport that you love.


About MMA Tee Company
MMA Tee Company works directly with some of the best amateur and professional MMA fighters in the country. By allowing fighters to create their own stores it gives the fans the opportunity to own merchandise they have seen at fights and events. Profits go directly to the fighters and gyms to support what they do and what fans love.
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