Undefeated Prospect Justin Carter Signs with MMA Tee Company

Undefeated Prospect Justin Carter Signs with MMA Tee Company

Lancaster, PA / Las Vegas, NV- Justin Carter (4-0) has joined forces with MMA Tee Company as his official merchandise supplier. The undefeated amateur recently moved to Las Vegas to train full-time at Syndicate MMA. “Justin is a very talented fighter who is driven inside and outside of the gym,” said Alex Einhorn, Co-Founder of MMA Tee Company.

“You gotta get up and work hard for what you want,” said Carter. “Because what you want will not work hard for you.”


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About MMA Tee Company

MMA Tee Company works directly with some of the best amateur and professional MMA fighters in the country. By working with fighters to create their own designs and online stores, it gives fans the opportunity to own merchandise and support their favorite athletes. Profits go directly to the fighters and gyms to support what they do and what fans love. Growing the sport of MMA, one local fighter at a time.



  • Carlie

    To echo these comments Justin Carter just sent me really aggressive, rude, and scary messages on ig after I did not match with him on Tinder. He has a problem and I would be really concerned about the companies that choose to endorse or partner with him.

  • Miles

    This man is a pedophile. We met on grindr and I gave him my instagram, he then added my 16 year old friend. I told him to back off because he is 16, and justin is at least 22.
    He then unfollowed, but added my friends phone number (which was in his bio). He told my friend that his name was justin and he was 17 (he is 22.). As soon as I called him out he blocked me. I have screenshots of everything.

  • Alex

    This guy is a creep and has been threatening my friend who has literally never met him. The matched on Grindr and Tinder and this Justin ‘the wild card’ Carter has been harassing him ever since with these weirdly creepy messages saying he knows where we live and that he is going to kill my friend. I’m not sure what this guys issue is or how hurt his ego was but this isn’t a cute look. Like try again baby. I have recites so if anyone wants to reach out me for these messages just contact me via the email I left.