New Fighters

As an athlete preparing for a fight at any level, it’s no secret you have a lot of things to get done before you enter the cage. You have to train, manage your diet, stay healthy, sell tickets, manage your sponsors, and in most cases - Either sell merch out of a cardboard box, or not at all, which can result in missing out on a much needed profit. MMA Tee Co. is here to grow the sport of MMA at the local level, and we plan on doing this one fighter at a time.

If your fans want rock your fight merch before, during and long after your events, MMA Tee Co. is here to help, and make you some money while we're at it.

Fighters who partner with us on their clothing line receive:

  • Full customization and design of your personal apparel.
  • Your fight merch promoted and sold through
  • A percentage of every item sold to support your fight career.
  • Exposure for your brand and upcoming fight via our website and social media channels.
  • In person and video interviews throughout the year as part the MMA Tee Company video series.
  • Your choice of items from our catalog to be sold on our website.

How it Works

  1. Give us a design, or an idea for your custom fight apparel.
  2. We’ll mock it up, and once approved, you’ll select your items to sell.
  3. Every week MMA Tee Co. pays you directly for anything sold with your design.
  4. We’ll keep your merch on our site forever, and you’ll make commission every time it sells
  5. When you have an upcoming fight, we'll work with you on sales, fulfillment and shipping from our warehouse and get you the highest margin possible.





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